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Xbox 360 gamerscore not updating

"Game developers can take advantage of our worldwide multi-data infrastructure to drive direct game computation," said Whitten. It means living and persistent worlds." New features of Xbox Live on Xbox One include a new matchmaking system called Smart Match, which estimates wait times and finds matches while you're doing other things, so you don't have to wait.Achievements have been expanded to record videos of your "epic moments" - presumably those moments when you earn Achievements.Updated to note that issue appears to be fixed, but that some lost achievements may need to be re-earned.Microsoft also tells us they will be answering some of our questions soon. Update 2: The temporary Gamerscore outage, Microsoft reps tells Vox Games, was caused by an "unexpected issue with data migration made between and p.m."You can save and store your personalized profile, games and entertainment in the cloud to access them any time, from any Xbox One console," Microsoft promised.Xbox Live's Marc Whitten added: "Your content is available and it's stored in the clouds, so you can access your movies, your music, your games, your saves any time anywhere." Powering all this are some 300,000 servers worldwide, Whitten said."Now more devices can connect at one time for multiplayer and shared entertainment." On top of that there's Skype integration - you can split-screen chat with people while doing other things - and there's the What's Trending?feature to show what's hot in games and entertainment.

Our new achievements portal not only keeps track of what you earned, but how you earned it, so it's more personal than ever."If you're missing achievements, please try signing out of Xbox LIVE, then sign back in.If this doesn't resolve your issue, then you will need to re-download your profile.Shortly before noon eastern an Xbox Forum Support person posted in forums that the company was aware of the issue with achievements and that they're doing everything to resolve it as quickly as possible."At this time, we believe the issue should be resolved," he added.

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The most radical change is basing lots of stuff in the cloud, where segments of games can be installed so they fire-up quicker and update in the background, just like on PS4.

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