Who is peeta dating

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Who is peeta dating

Piercing blue eyes, wide shoulders, blond curly hair that is just the right length – there was a curl that poked out and wrapped around the middle of his left ear that was so enticing she had to stop herself from reaching out and touching it.

He was wearing dark wash jeans, and a dark blue, collared, button down shirt with the top button undone.

Gale's disapprovals were all starting to make sense."On second thought, I think I'll be done after this one." Peeta gave her a strange look, but didn't say anything about it.

Instead, he leaned over and got in close before he started to speak.

From there, he took it upon himself to rummage through her closet and throw a black and yellow sleeveless, scoop neck dress onto her bed.

They called and asked if Katniss still had to pay to attend even if she wasn't participating and were told she would if she wanted to get in. Katniss thought for a fleeting moment that she would be able to get out of it.

"That's why I'm here too, but for my friend Gale."She looked at the man that was sitting next to her.It was nothing like the ripped jeans, backward baseball caps, and t-shirts she was used to seeing at other bars."Well it looks like we're both doing our Good Samaritan duties tonight," Peeta smiled. " Katniss had heard this one before and her heart sank at the thought of Peeta only looking better than the rest instead of acting better, but rather than telling him to go back to whatever hole he crawled out of like she usually would, she picked up her martini glass and drained the remaining liquid in one gulp.She decided give him the benefit of the doubt, just that once."Yes you can." Katniss nodded, setting her empty glass back on the bar.If she had enough liquor, she sometimes slept with one of the guys that approached her, but that was always where it ended whether it was her doing or his.She looked at her second drink and then back over to Peeta.

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" Peeta flashed another smile and Katniss had to look away.