Who is jack white dating 2016

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Who is jack white dating 2016

Lyrically, White's need for control often takes the traditional trajectory of wanting women to be quiet and submissive.We can see this pattern emerging in Stripes lyrics early on.is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor.He is known as the lead singer and guitarist of duo The White Stripes.Women have long been up to no good in the eccentric world of Jack White's songs.But on Blunderbuss, his solo album out this week, they finally indulge in White's most famous bugaboo: cell phones.In a scene from the 2007 documentary What happens when White's women aren't timid—when they themselves try to exert some control?

He produced then-wife Karen Elson's record on his label and then played in her band, seemingly not trusting another soul with his wife's career.

Perhaps it bubbles up in his strictly color-coded set décor and on his current tour for Blunderbuss, where he's switching between all-male and all-female backing bands based on his own whims.

Perhaps there's some truth to Rob Sheffield's characterization of White as a minter of female rock stars—first with Meg White, then with Alison Mosshart for the Dead Weather, and a whole host of ladies on Third Man, his record label.

"Let me see your pretty little smile, put your troubles in a little pile / and I will sort them out for you / I'll fall in love with you / I think I'll marry you," White croons in "Apple Blossom" off 2000's De Stijl.

On Get Behind Me Satan, he falls in love with a ghost and half-brags that he's literally the only man who can see her.* But even being too meek is also a sin in White's world.

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He has also had success in other bands and as a solo artist.