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Looking at factors like popularity, features, pricing, and content, we’ve found the 12 Best Dating Sites for Disabled Singles — all of which are sure to meet your needs.

We live in a time when plenty of couples date for a long time before getting married, or simply never get married.

You can tell that they’re beginning to doubt your partner’s love for you since he hasn’t proposed after all of this time.

You’ve even heard whispers of them thinking maybe he has a secret family somewhere else or is a closeted homosexual, and that’s why he hasn’t proposed. A lot of people assume you just got married at some point and they missed the memo.

Nothing is holding you together other than your devotion to each other.

You sense your friends pitying you and you hate it.

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Societal norms creep into your head, and lyrics like, “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it…” get you feeling a little out of sorts.

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