Validating rich text field serena wiliams dating

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Validating rich text field

These collections support lots of useful functions that can be chained together, including each(), which is similar but not identical to Underscore's each() function; we pass a callback function to it and it is invoked once for each matching element, with "this" set to the matching element.

Note that j Query also has many methods that don't require using each(); you can call hide(), for instance, to hide every matching element in the collection without the need for a callback function for each one.

This is different from using an "on Load" handler on the body element because it does not require waiting for every image to load.

When you pass a CSS-style selector like .rich-text-editor to the $ function, you get back a collection of all of the elements in the page that match that selector (in this case, the textareas we want to enhance).

The goal is to learn how to build complete Node apps, and also to see how Java Script techniques that matter for Node also matter for j Query and other client-side work.

If you take a peek at the ckeditor folder, you'll notice three things: 1. You can delete the _samples and _source subdirectories.We do it just before the Many programmers use j Query without really understanding it.A good grasp of Node really helps here, because like Node j Query relies on callbacks and nested functions.It is exactly as if the user had manually typed: ... A good strategy is to assign a CSS class to the textareas that should be enhanced.And that's exactly what we'll do, in views/new.ejs: Note the addition of the rich-text-editor class.

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