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(If the resident has a Charlie bar or a stick that will fit in the track set as Routine) A/C Leaking (0711) - advise resident to turn off the A/C unit to avoid further damage to the unit Loss of heat/partial (0700) - to quarters when the temperature outside is OVER 32 degrees at the time of the call *Let resident know that if this is the first time they are turning on their heater, they may smell a burning smell.

If the burning smell lasts longer than 15-20 minutes or if the smoke alarm goes off, turn off the heater and call back Plumbing Clogged Bathroom Sink (1205) - (if only one bath) - ask if sink is draining slowly Clogged Tub (1205) – ANY tub that will not drain and has water standing Clogged Commode (1206) – If only 1 toilet is usable Clogged Kitchen Sink (1207) – If a resident is reporting one/both sides of the kitchen sink are clogged.

Hood will allow residents that are on-notice to put in WO's.

DO NOT schedule a work order for the day of move-out.

EFMP case liaisons are located throughout the fleet to provide information and referrals, individualized service plans, and case management from one duty station to the next.

Special needs include any special medical, dental, mental health, developmental or educational requirement, wheelchair accessibility, adaptive equipment or assistive technology devices and services.

Locked inside a room (interior door) – (0220) Window is not secure or broken (0272) - If both window panes are broken and security is an issue. The techs will do the cleanup Electric Loss of power to the entire unit (0400) - Advise resident to first check and reset the breakers. Sparks and/or smoke/burning smell* - from an electrical fixture, outlet or circuit breaker Advise resident to call 911 and document in WO (0403) – Exterior Light Fixture (0405) – Circuit Breaker Repair (0411) – Interior Light Fixture (0412) – Outlet Repair (0415) – Light Switch Repair C. detectors sounding/flashing* (0414) - The problem description must include the following information: 1. RAIN leak – ONLY Urgent if it’s raining at the time of the call (if not raining, set as Routine and Schedule) Please advise the resident to contain the water coming in under the door or window with towels or rags Coming in through exterior doors front and back (0219) Coming in through the window (0272) Coming in through the wall (0267) Coming in through the ceiling into the light fixture, smoke detector, exhaust fan, roof pipe or roof vent (0252) **Send a message with EVERY Urgent rain leak work order Appliances Dishwasher (0103) – that will not drain and has water standing Oven not working (0108) Stove not working (0109) – if all 4 stove top burners are not working Refrigerator leak (0112) – state where leak is coming from in problem description.

Command points of contact can also assist service and family members with the enrollment process.

EFMP enrollment is mandatory and required immediately upon identification of a special need.

0110 - Range Hood Repair - to include light bulb replacement (replacing burnt out light bulbs is the resident's responsibility unless they are unable to do it themselves because of damage to the light bulb / bulb socket, exposed wires, sparks etc.) 0112 - Refrigerator Repair - to include freezer, the water filter to the water dispenser and the water filter to the ice dispenser.

Someone over the age of 18 MUST be home for any Routine WO for a refrigerator/freezer Carpentry 0200 - Carpentry General - Only use, if you cannot find a specific template 0202 - Bathroom Accessories Repair - towel bar, shower rod, toilet paper holder, toothbrush holder, medicine cabinet, built-in soap holder and bathroom mirror 0203 - Blind Repair - Mini blinds ONLY – if both mini and vertical blinds, place on 1 work order with template (0210).

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