Stigma attached to internet dating successful dating married man

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Stigma attached to internet dating

Indeed, a far cry from covering state budgets, trials and fires, but no complaints. Please tell Dave Levin, Bob Gibson, Marty Duskin (who I called "Skipper") and that pesky nighttime caller Lou Freizer (kidding) that I said hello!

Perhaps one day I can sneak back out to Teaneck and join the Board.

He never did what we once called "stand-upers" without background audio, demonstrating, in the Edward R.

Murrow tradition, an attention to the immediacy of time and place. In a fit of occupational nostalgia, I was perusing Google and stumbled across this site.

He was still young, of course, but it was his life's dream to work at Newsradio 88.

I remember his outstanding writing and editing skills, naturally, as well as his professionalism.

s president of the New York Press Club, I had the honor of inducting my WCBS Newsradio 880 colleague, Irene Cornell, into the New York Journalism Hall of Fame.

When I read the book many years ago, I remember thinking how wonderful it was that she specifically included him; he deserved it.

I wasn't overly surprised, though, since a lot of bonds were formed during those years - and everyone loved Dick. I ran into her at a WH correspondent's dinner while she was still working with Rather, many years after we'd last seen each other.

The following morning when I showed up at the grey, shabby, rundown 'EEI newsroom to relieve him on the desk, he had taped hand-drawn pictures of plants and artwork above the folders and cart racks.

His answer to my unspoken question: "I just wanted you to feel at home." It sounds like he had a full and satisfying life before his accident and illness.

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With courtroom audio and video recording prohibited for much of her career, Irene has relied on only her words to tell her stories. Dick and I were colleagues at the old WEEI in Boston during the '70s.

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