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Here’s what a couple people had to say about talking: Roy, 25, from Illinois stated that, “There are different stages of relationships, and talking is definitely an important stage.

I want to get to know some things about her before I spend money on her.” Lisa, 24 from Illinois feels indifferently stating that, “Talking is just a stage guys created so they can still be single and do their own thing, while having you get attached.

Things last for an undefined amount of time, it could be months, it could be years.

You met them at the beginning of summer and have basically been inseparable since. This is the person you fell for hard, which sucks, because by the end of summer, you’ll never talk again.

Boo couldn’t imagine you with anyone else so they made you officially theirs.

You’ve stopped talking to other people (if you’re not a dick), and spend as much time with your honey as possible.

I honestly think the talking stage is just another name for the dating stage.” While talking may not be an official stage to everyone, it definitely is to most.

It seems the idea was created to save people time from having to go out with a person that may be no good for them.

You obsess over the smallest things and every text is a sign that they are your soul mate. You’re entering the “thing” stage, a.k.a the most frustrating stage of this whole thing.If you’re interested in me you better express to me that you want to date.” Chris, 25, from Illinois feels like, “They’re the same thing, talking and dating; there’s really no difference except the title.Women dislike this stage so much because it seems less secure, while dating kind of gives you both a status so she’ll know where she stands with the guy.You can be “talking” to as many potential catches as you want.In this stage you never really go out to see each other, just insinuate you will sometime soon.

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