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Reall fecam x

Buying property in Normandy is a great investment because there is a strong rental potential with the capital just 60 minutes away.You can find a good number of character houses, like the houses for sale in Honfleur, Fécamp, or one of the other charming cities in the region.he then photographs these diminutive collages--which are usually no more that 20" in size--using a large format camera, and prints them in large sizes, creating grand scale images which hearken back to landscape photographs by Edward Weston and Ansel Adams.

In these works, the landscape has become an abstracted view of reality.

At first glance, each photograph appears the same; however, what gradually and deliberately beomes revealed through the seemingly repetitious visions are the through unwavering perception and observation. Gerhard Richter fills his photographs with an ardent emotion akin to Cooper's, also endowing them with a dream-like quality.

Thomas Joshua Cooper's seascapes differ from Sugimoto's in the emotional intensity of the image. Based on his photographs of the Canary Islands, this portfolio of photogravure's exemplifies Richter's interest in depicting the simple, while using a blur to create an abstract quality that disguises its reality.

Both James Welling and Carl Chiarenza fabricate their landscapes, using tinfoil, which as been crumpled, cut, collaged or otherwise manipulated to form abstracted shapes.

Welling uses a small pictorial format, creating tiny universes within the crushed curves and folds of the foil.

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No interpretations are given beyond what the artist has allowed.

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