Predating promo code

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Predating promo code

I have a More Birds Diamond Hummingbird Feeder, Glass and Plastic Feeder with 6 Feeding Stations, 30-Ounce Capacity " target="_blank"More Birds Diamond Hummingbird Feeder, purchased from Kaija’s Garden and Pet (Chehalis).

To clean your feeder, flush the feeder with hot tap water and use a bottle brush to scrub the sides of the glass jar. (If you just can’t help yourself and must use soap, a bleach or vinegar and water solution rinse will remove soap residue.) Inspect the feeder carefully for black mold.

(Do not use store bought mixtures, do not use honey or any other kind of sugar — just .) Bring to a quick boil, stir to dissolve the sugar, then let the mixture come to room temperature before you fill your feeder.

The boiling water will help slow fermentation of the nectar, but as soon as a hummingbird beak dips and drinks, the microorganisms carried on the beak will be transferred into the nectar.

Fermented nectar creates liver damage, which will also cause death.

Put out only as much nectar as your birds will consume in two or three days.The male has a rufous head and back (sometimes sprinkled with a little green), a white breast and an orangey red gorget.The females have a green back, light rufous sides and a creamy white breast.The Aspects 367 Hummzinger Ultra Hummingbird Feeder, 12-Ounce " target="_blank"Aspects Humm Zinger brand is also carried locally.The Farm Store (Chehalis) carries a hanging feeder and a window mounted feeder, both have lids that lift up for easy cleaning.

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Anna’s Hummingbirds have been known to hang around all winter in western Washington backyards.