Irish dating or matchmaking

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There is also the thorny fact that divorced men often seem to pair off and marry single women quite quickly.In the 2011 census there were 88,918 separated or divorced men, but there were 115,046 women.Overall, men are more likely to re-marry with 39% of ever-divorced men re-married compared with only 28% of women. 26,000 separated or divorced women in Ireland for whom a counterpart is no longer available.We are asked often by new clients if we have a good success rate and yes, thankfully, we do.

These clients are willing to blur the boundaries of their usual type because they recognise that their “type” hasn’t worked out for them so far.Amazingly, they often can’t understand why this won’t be achievable.Although (adding insult to injury) there are statistically fewer men in Ireland today (42,854 more females than males in the State in April 11), this adds up to barely a 1% difference which seems to have been the result of a baby boy boom in the previous six years.The festive season is just around the corner, and busy singletons facing the prospect of spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve solo are rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in to potential opportunities of meeting someone special.But just how easy is it to find your ideal partner?

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