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Gods word and dating

It is perhaps the most convoluted puzzle to ever exist, a timeline which pits some of today’s most dominant dogmas, whether scientific or theological, in an unrelenting war against one another. Today most would refute the Christian story of Genesis, dubbing it a fictional parable clouded by fantasy and nonsense.Infamous proponents of Evolution Theory or natural selection, such as Richard Dawkins, are keen on discrediting the creationist theory, yet even with the powerful backing of the science community evolutionists fall short to provide us with the proper narrative that explains our leap from Homo-erectus (our ape-like ancestors) to Homo-sapiens (modern man). Today there exists many alternative theories that aim to explain mankind’s speedy evolution.

Detailed knowledge about the Earth’s orbital plane, tilt axis, spherical shape, and precession behavior of its equinox were known by the Sumerian deities, who were also credited for the construction of the Zodiac.Similarly, his brother Enki and his children Nannar and Innana also had temples in prominent cultural and trade portals within the region.More importantly, Enlil was not acting alone, but rather in consort with others referred to as the Anunnaki.Enlil and his brother, Enki, are mentioned in the Genesis and the more historical Clay Tablets as participating in genetic trials to produce a primitive worker, Homo sapiens.A very detailed account is provided of a clinical trial that results in the archetype for the human race, “Adam,” being birthed.

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Mantheo, the Egyptian priest-historian agrees with the three dynasties, except adds one more dynasty which was ruled by the “gods” alone.

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