Galaxy s3 email widget not updating

Posted by / 26-Jan-2018 11:57

Galaxy s3 email widget not updating

According to them, the phone can no longer be detected by the computer as a media device.

As a result, they can’t transfer their photos, videos, music and other media files.

I just want to access my files so I can put music on my phone nut the phone only charges and does not appear as a media device. If not, then you need a technician to perform general cleaning procedures on your phone.

Galaxy S6 Edge charging port acting up, device heats up so bad while charging Problem: My sons and I have had our phones for 5 months and I need them to last 2 years. Suggestion: I am sorry but I cannot ask you to troubleshoot devices as messed as yours.

The easiest way to solve your issue is to trade-in your old Galaxy S4 for a brand new Galaxy S5 and make this upgrade for free.When I’m connecting my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to PC, the phone is recognized by the computer but can’t copy/paste any .mp3 from PC to phone. Was able to get to android menu to clear cache etc. Answer: Apparently the phone is messed up and at this point, it’s difficult to determine whether the phone can still be fixed without visiting a technician or not.I can view and transfer the pictures from phone but no files from PC to Samsung. Hello, I have spoken to Samsung and tried using USB debugging mode, safe mode, updating my drivers, updating windows 10, changing cables, changing ports, deactivating firewalls and anti-viruses and nothing will get my phone to appear on my PC. Also, could able to get to safe restarts every 15 seconds. But try plugging the phone to charge to see if it can stay on enough for you to backup all your data.What I mean by nothing happens is there is no sounds from either my phone or computer upon plugging in (because I do believe there was a dig of some sorts prior to these two weeks) or unplugging, there is no appearing of any sort of icon on the bottom left icon widget bar on my computer or next to my local C Drive under the folder of MY PC.There is also no option on my phone for choosing which setting to connect to my computer with.

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