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Free adult chat rooms for public

If you have your name registered then you can set your room to be available to those who are not "guests".

If you are VIP member, you can create up to 10 rooms.

A Room URL or an invite from within the room is needed to join.

Closed: The room is neither visible and cannot be joined (even by the owner).

From the avatar card, click on the "Safety" link and choose the Boot option from the safety menu.

The room is searchable and appears in all relevant lists.Themed Rooms features a few select rooms that showcase variety of ways users can enjoy IMVU. If you would like your room to be listed in that section, you can submit it for IMVU's review.Go to the room that you wish to submit and then click on the "submit" option from the room tools in the upper left corner. A themed room must be GA-appropriate, easy to navigate, well decorated, and showcase IMVU at its best. The "Manage" tab gives you access to creation and management of your rooms.The room creation process will provide tips at every step of the process.

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To report a Chat Room, open that room's information page (clicking on the blue "i" icon will do so) and click on the Safety link to choose the appropriate option from the safety menu.

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